New Zealand’s Walsh and Gill Shine in Commonwealth Games Shot Put
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New Zealand’s Walsh and Gill Shine in Commonwealth Games Shot Put

Kiwi Shot Put Duo Dominate at Birmingham Commonwealth Games

In a historic moment for New Zealand, shot putters Tom Walsh and Jacko Gill claimed a remarkable one-two finish on the podium at the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

The two Kiwi athletes delivered a masterful performance, with Walsh taking the gold medal and Gill securing the silver – a first-ever feat for their country in this event.

“It felt so good,” an elated 27-year-old Gill expressed. “I was stoked.” His teammate Walsh echoed the sentiment, stating, “Awesome to have two of us on the podium – let alone side by side.”

For Gill, this marked his first major medal at an international competition, a milestone he never envisioned.

“I never really dreamed of this happening,” he said. “It’s amazing, the crowd’s huge. It’s crazy. I don’t know what to say.”

The road to this triumph has been anything but easy for Gill, who had to overcome significant health challenges in recent years.

“I’ve just come back from heart stuff. [It’s] been huge and been a big battle. I lost 25-30kg in hospital after my heart issues,” he revealed.

But with the unwavering support of his family, especially his mother who has been coaching him, Gill managed to regain his form and fitness, culminating in a personal-best throw of 21.9 meters – over a meter further than the bronze medalist.

Even Englishman Scott Lincoln, who shared the podium with the Kiwi duo, acknowledged Gill‘s impressive shape, joking, “Maybe [I’ll] not let him train with me next time.”

In the end, it was Walsh who sealed the victory with a champion’s throw in the final round, leaving Gill just 8 centimeters behind.

“Took him bloody six rounds to get hold of one,” Walsh remarked.

This historic one-two finish for New Zealand solidifies the country’s growing dominance in the shot put discipline, and the rivalry between Walsh and Gill promises more thrilling battles to come.

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